PG BATTLE Outline of Contest

Even after applying, you can change team name, user name and challenge level of members etc. (Until application deadline)
Oct 23(Sat), 2021, 13:00–14:40 +0900 (*JST)
Event is held on the internet. You can join from anywhere like a seat of your company or school.
Entry fee
Check it on Website
Battle section
1) Elementary~High school 2) University 3) Company
Application guidelines
One team is composed of 3 people of same organization like school or company.

PG BATTLE Application Form

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Entry Department*
Basic InformationThe company / school names of the top 10 teams and all team names will be published after the contest, and other information will not be published. Registration information can be corrected until the application deadline.
*Top 10 battle results will be published
*All teams will be released to battle results, so please give us a cool name
Participant1 Create Account [Marshmallow (NORMAL level) challenger]
Participant2 Create Account [Senbei (HARD level) challenger]
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